Certificazione internazionale di qualità per Monasterio

L’organizzazione indipendente e senza scopo di lucro Joint Commission International ha accertato gli elevati standard di cura dell’Ospedale del Cuore e dell’Ospedale di San Cataldo-CNR

The cardiological centre that takes care of the heart thoughout the life cycle

San Cataldo Hospital-CNR, Pisa

Cardiology and pulmonology centre, integrated with advanced imaging techniques and laboratory medicine

Ospedale del Cuore di Massa

Centre for the diagnosis, cure and treatment of cardiovascular diseases for patients of all ages

The cardiological centre that takes care of the heart thoughout the life cycle


Sono aperte le sedute vaccinali anti Covid per i pazienti Monasterio e i loro familiari
E’ possibile prenotare ai Cup,chiamando lo 050 3153150 da lunedì – venerdì dalle 9 alle 15 o scrivendo a vaccino@ftgm.it 

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The effectiveness of what we do is attested every day by our patients and the people who work with us.
The data, however, also help to tell the story of our work.  

For interventional cardiological procedures


Centre in Italy

MeS survey data (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) on Regional Healthsulla Sanità regionale

For pediatric cardiosurgery


Centre in Italy

source MeS Laboratory for
Tuscany Region

Heart surgery procedures


and more (year 2020)


Monasterio Foundation with

Monasterio with

Universities and
Research Institutes

From molecular biology to experimental and clinical medicine, epidemiology and technological innovation in the healthcare process. Research projects on pathophysiology, diagnostics and treatment of pathologies under clinical or diagnostic evaluation.


Monasterio with

GP/PCP and External Specialists

Information on our specialists and services, how to schedule patient appointments, receive assistance in solving any problems related to scheduling a specialist visit or admission


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Volunteering and
third sector

A fundamental resource for the daily lives of doctors, operators and above all patients treated at the Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio.


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Research and clinical practice in Monasterio Foundation are closely connected: the laboratories where researchers work are inside the hospital and doctors and scholars work closely, a unique way of doing health care, in which the patient and his quality of life are at the center of all activity

International Health Cooperation

What does Monasterio Foundation in the world

cardio tips

Cure and
prevention pills,
for everyone‘s heart.


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