Adult admissions

During your admission you will be accommodated in different wards, based on the different intensity of care.
The medical and nursing staff of each ward will always be at your or your family’s disposal if you have any doubts or questions, to explain any medical or therapeutic actions planned, and also to alleviate the apprehension associated with hospitalisation as much as possible.

The Adult Ward is for inpatients with acquired heart disease. It is managed by a team of dedicated cardiologists and nurses, and is run in integrated fashion with the other medical teams involved in the care process. In this department, constant cardiological monitoring is provided for all inpatients, and the supporting instrumentation for echocardiographic diagnostics is the most technologically advanced. You will be escorted to your bed, and you will be provided with all the information regarding the your admission. The nursing staff and the aids will make reception simple, with well-organised pathways.
On the day of the procedure, which may be a cardiac surgery or interventional cardiology procedure, you will be accompanied by the medical staff to the appropriate room. After the haemodynamic procedure, or after your stay in the ICU, you will be welcomed back into the inpatient ward to complete your recovery.
Upon discharge, you will be given a detailed letter containing all the investigations and procedures performed, as well as the appointment for the first post-admission check-ups, and the medical treatment to be carried out. A small supply of the prescribed drugs will be provided directly by our pharmacists.
You will always be informed of any diagnostic or therapeutic initiatives and scheduled procedures.

The Adult Intensive Care department is managed by ICU doctors and nurses dedicated to this particular care setting. The team will provide you with the most advanced techniques and clinical expertise, in order to guarantee a quick recovery. We offer the highest standard in the relationship between staff and beds, in order to ensure the utmost attention to your needs and thus guarantee quality and appropriate care.
Each bed is equipped with the most advanced technology for invasive ventilation, circulatory assistance, haemodynamic and vital sign monitoring.
We believe that during your stay in the ICU it is also important to maintain direct contact with your loved ones. This is why we have adopted protocols that allow daily visits or even, where necessary, contact through virtual devices.

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