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Cardiac surgery and haemodynamics operating rooms

The Ospedale del Cuore provides cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology services, from the newborn to the elderly.

Cardiac surgery, both for paediatric and adult patients, is performed in a fully dedicated operating area.
In addition to the medical staff, consisting of cardiac surgeons and anaesthesiologists, there are health professionals specialised in three groups: the ward team, the anaesthetics team and the cardiovascular perfusion team.
Each operating room is equipped with the necessary equipment to allow for the most complex cardiac surgery, for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients. In addition, this department includes the sterilisation unit, entirely managed by nursing staff and internal nursing aids, to complete the entire treatment process.

The department, consisting of two haemodynamic rooms, is intended for the execution of interventional, diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology procedures, with a multidisciplinary approach that also favours the execution of hybrid, cardiological and cardiac surgery procedures.
The medical teams are made up of interventional cardiologists, for both adult and paediatric patients, who integrate their expertise with anaesthetists and cardiac surgeons in order to ensure that our patients achieve the best response to treatment and the most appropriate care.
Each room is equipped with all the necessary instrumentation to perform interventional and structural cardiology procedures, as well as the most advanced technology for cardiac and respiratory support to patients in shock.

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