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Day hospital

Admission under the Day Hospital and Day-Surgery regimes involves treatment being provided during a ward stay which, unlike admission under the Ordinary Regime, does not include an overnight stay. Diagnostic services can also be performed on an outpatient basis as part of Day-Servicediagnostic pathways.

In order to complete the required diagnostic-therapeutic pathway, several accesses may be necessary, which are in any case traced back to a single inpatient or outpatient file. 

This type of admission is reserved for the carrying out of diagnostic and therapeutic medical (day-hospital) or interventional and surgical (day-surgery) procedures with a low level of care, such as electrical cardioversion, loop-recorder removal, surgical wound dressing cycles, and minor surgical procedures for which discharge is possible on the same day as the procedure.

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Access to elective care on a day-hospital basis

Admission can only be booked at the request of an in-house doctor after a specialist assessment, which can be requested directly by your general practitioner or external specialist. 



Pisa Facility

Secretary first floor, room no. 98

Day Hospital 050 31533703

Day Service 050 3153434

Ward  050 3152735 – 050 3153539 

Ward (Fax)  050 3152185 



Massa Facility

Elective Admissions Secretary

First floor – Clinic entrance (sea side)

Tel 0585 483604

Fax 0585 483633


Ward Secretary

First floor – Ward entrance (mountain side)

Tel 0585 483542

Fax 0585 483671


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