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The Monasterio Foundation places the human person at the centre of its activities and, consequently, recognises and promotes citizen participation in the best management of the health service.

In light of Regional Law 75/2017 “Provisions on participation and user protection within the regional health service. Amendments to Regional Law 40/2005”, which provides for the reorganisation of citizens’ participation bodies, the organisation set up the Hospital Participation Committee, made up, in this first phase, of:

  • AICCA (Italian Association of Adult Congenital Heart Disease)
  • AIDE (Italian Association of Hereditary Dyslipidaemias)

Regional Law 75/2017 is intended to affirm a widespread culture that allows for a genuine collaboration of citizens in the processes of design and development of social and health services, through their contribution to the decision-making and monitoring process, consistent with the principles of equity, humanisation and appropriateness.

The hospital participation committee has consultation and proposal functions, in support of the company management, concerning the quality of services provided by the hospital, with particular reference to equity in access to and use of services. In particular:

  • it contributes to the preparation of hospital planning documents, with regard to respect for the right to health of citizens as well as the quality of services;
  • it carries out monitoring activities concerning compliance with the guarantees and commitments set out in the service charter, taking into account participatory listening and evaluation tools and quality indicators, on the basis of measurable elements, analysis and monitoring of deviations between individual objectives;
  • it participates in information and communication processes between the company and citizens, in order to ensure the clarity of information and effectiveness of communication, and to promote the appropriate and informed use of services;
  • it proposes meetings with citizens in order to facilitate access to services, the maintenance of health status, information on treatment and the appropriate use of services.

At the regional level, the Citizens’ Health Council was established, to which a member of the Hospitality Committee was appointed.

Learn more:http://www.regione.toscana.it/-/nuovo-sistema-di-partecipazione-nel-servizio-sanitario