FTGM computer science was born in the National Research Council, when in 1995 it began the design and development of the first IT system to support both research and healthcare.

Professional experience and research linked to Monasterio that, since its birth has worked in the field of e-Health, with the aim of modeling and developing innovation in the processes of diagnosis and treatment of patients; processes supported by a holistic system that is able to manage the information that characterizes them: clinical, administrative research.

These developments have led to the production and use of a complex electronic health system, evolved over time, up to the current eighth generation, and used in the hospitals of the Monastery Foundation, as well as in 14 other hospitals in Italy.

With the support of state-of-the-art software systems developed in FTGM, innovative active healthcare processes are applied to manage every aspect of patient care, from critical processes such as drug prescriptions, performing surgical procedures, laboratory examinations and instrumental examinations, diagnostic imaging, oriented towards the best solution for patient safety, healthcare provision and research.

ICT experience in Monasterio Foundation is recognized in many research projects funded at regional, national and European level, and collaboration with national and international scientific bodies and societies.

Monasterio is also active in the modeling and development of standard, as a member of HL7 and IHE, and is involved in national and international research initiatives.
The Monasterio IT department consists of 32 analysts/developers and researchers, assigned to 4 units, and employed in research on eHealth, processes, data processing, software, quality assurance, technological research, computer security, privacy by design, image processing applications, in silico models and large data processing.
Technical personnel are highly qualified and trained for the management of personal and sensitive data.



Units involved