Translational bioinformatics and e-Health unit

UOC Translational bioinformatics and e-Health unit

Management: Stefano Dalmiani 

Translational bioinformatics and medical informatics


The main objective of the unit is the study and development of innovative healthcare processes based on the extensive use of ICT systems and devices, in order to build a holistic eHealth system encompassing all healthcare and research-related activities: from clinical aspects, to administrative aspects, including warehouse management and orders, to government support for activity forecasting and final balances.

  • reshaping health processes with pervasive use of IT systems 
  • integration of clinical, technological and administrative hospital processes
  • development of electronic health record systems for doctors and nurses, for wards and clinics
  • ergonomics and safety research for cardiovascular disease IT systems 
  • research into cyber risk and iatrogenic effects of EHR systems 
  • research and development of operating room management systems 
  • research and development of intensive care systems 
  • development of IT standards for data communication between eHealth systems (HL7, DICOM, SCP)


  • home monitoring of disabled and elderly people
  • technologies for remote assistance and transport
  • Remote ECG
  • Remote ECHO


The unit is currently involved in the following research projects: 

  • Decode-EE
  • EU H2020 Eurobioimaging
  • EU H2020 OpenDEI
  • EU H2020 SC1-DTH-08 “InteropEHRate” (engita)
  • GKPS “Global Knowledge sharing platform for Patient Safety” of the World Health Organization, in collaboration with Patient Safety Center Regione Toscana
  • AIRCARDIO, POR-FESR Regione Toscana
  • Virtual Hospital, in collaboration with SSS S.Anna
  • PROMS, in collaboration with SSS S.Anna
  • RESIDRAS, in collaboration with Dravet Association
  • eMIOT


Significant projects carried out in the past in the eHealth field

  • EU H2020 Hermeneut
  • POR-FESR “RACE” Research Project, founded by POR-FESR Tuscany Region
  • “CardioMIS” research project
  • “Imago” research project
  • POR-FESR “RIS” research project
  • EU AAL “Health@Home” research project
  • “Health Collaborative Network” research project, Italian Economic Development Ministry



  • Member of “Italian Technological Platform for wellbeing and health quality”
  • HIMSS member 
  • IHE Italy member
  • HL7 Member
  • RDA Member



Clinical Records

  • RTMR
  • RTDC
  • Dravet
  • Fallot
  • Celiachia