Diagnostic Imaging

The history of Diagnostic Imaging confers a leading clinical and scientific role for the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology and, today, for the Monasterio.

It is therefore natural that the most advanced imaging equipment is available at San Cataldo Hospital, with particular reference to Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine (for scintigraphy and PET examinations) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The Nuclear Medicine activities, carried out with the synergistic work of nuclear physicians, medical radiology technicians and nursing staff, and with the aid of entirely digital instrumentation, which allows the use of low doses of tracers, include a wide variety of examinations based on the use of radioisotopes.

With regard to Magnetic Resonance Imaging, San Cataldo Hospital, with its equipment and thanks to the professionalism of its radiologists, neuroradiologists, cardiologists, medical radiology technicians, nurses, engineers and physicists, ensures highly specialised examinations in the adult and paediatric cardiovascular and neuroradiological fields, using the most advanced techniques and processes.


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