Support functions

Hospital pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy supports healthcare professionals in the safe use of medicines and medical devices, provides information in line with national, regional and hospital provisions, in support of the safety of care. It prepares customised galenic preparations, especially for paediatric patients. It informs and supports patients in the hospital-territory continuity. Furthermore, it deals with the quality system of radiopharmaceutical preparation best practices in nuclear medicine.

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Clinical Governance

Healthcare organisations are very complex and articulated systems that must always guarantee high standards of quality and safety of care, even in the presence of sophisticated and constantly evolving care models.
Achieving and maintaining these standards depends, first and foremost, on the skills and performance of the individual health workers, their ability to work as a team, putting the patient at the centre, but the safety, quality and appropriateness of care are also the responsibility of the corporate organisation, which uses certain tools to monitor the processes carried out within it.

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At each of the Monasterio’s hospital facilities, there is an analysis laboratory, used for the care and research activities. The main aim is to provide diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring aid to inpatients or outpatients attending Monasterio, using methods with the highest possible sensitivity and specificity, both analytical and clinical. 

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