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Specialist training and higher education


The Monasterio Foundation collaborates with the Scuola Universitaria Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa for the creation of three International Master’s Degrees:

The master’s is aimed at interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who want to start their activity in the field of transcatheter treatment of structural heart diseases.

The master’s is aimed at interventional cardiologists who want to start their activity in the treatment of coronary heart disease in both chronic and acute forms.

The master’s aims to train Specialists (Cardiologists, Internists, Geriatricians) in the treatment of heart failure in both chronic and acute forms, so that they can master knowledge and organise treatment courses.


Fondazione Monasterio offers its clinical units and its laboratories for doctoral students engaged in the PhD. course in Translational Medicine of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

In addition to the PhD course, the Monasterio Foundation offers an integrative scientific-clinical training pathway to which first-year students of the PhD course in Translational Medicine may be admitted if they have obtained, in addition to a degree in Medicine and Surgery, a licence to practise as a medical surgeon and specialisation in one of the areas of interest of FTGM and whose research projects are compatible with the fields of interest of FTGM.

Courses and internships

The Monasterio Foundation has always been committed to promoting continuous training, not only for healthcare staff, but also for anyone interested in keeping their knowledge and skills up to date. In fact, there are many courses, workshops and thematic internships in the most interesting and rapidly developing areas organised and/or sponsored by the Monasterio Foundation.

The tradition of a “gateway” open to all, the focus on innovation, cutting-edge expertise and the availability of access to state-of-the-art technology are open to anyone wishing to further their education in a research hospital.

The Monasterio Foundation’s training offer is also completed with internships and apprenticeships for students, postgraduates and graduates: “on-the-job” work experience to supplement the knowledge acquired during studies.

BLS, ACLS and Crisis Resource Management (CRM) courses

The Monasterio Foundation is committed to promoting the dissemination of knowledge and skills related to basic (BLS) and advanced life support (ACLS), which are fundamental to the management of cardiological emergency conditions. The Monasterio Foundation also makes use of the facilities of the SIMULABO at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, an innovative advanced simulation laboratory for the training of healthcare staff.

Training objectives in this area are:

  • Developing the theoretical and practical skills of healthcare staff on the management of cardiological emergencies from basic (BLS) and advanced life support techniques (ACLs), up to the management of scenarios typical of intensive care (high fidelity Crisis Resource Management, CRM).
  • Increasing the culture of basic CPR in non-healthcare professionals and developing skills for the proper use of the automatic defibrillator.

Specifically, the following courses are offered:

  • BLS Provider American Heart Association for healthcare professionals;
  • ACLS American Heart Association for healthcare professionals;
  • BLS American Heart Association for lay people (non-healthcare staff);
  • CRM courses and development of specific skills.

All courses apply the ILCOR 2015 guidelines and include, in addition to the theoretical portion, training on dummies designed to simulate a wide range of clinical cases, suitable for the various levels of training.

The instructors are among the medical staff, always involved in emergency work, and belong to nationally and internationally recognised scientific societies.