Diagnostic Imaging Unit


The Unit is committed to guaranteeing and supporting all the clinical needs of the two hospitals.
The team consists of 11 radiologists and 31 medical radiology technicians, who also work in an integrated manner with the Specialised Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Neuroradiology Unit, the Nuclear Medicine Unit, and the Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology Unit.

The health team works closely with the bio-engineering component of the Foundation, for the development and application of innovative practices.

We specialise in the study of all aspects of cardiovascular disease in infants, children and adults. We provide a full range of advanced diagnostic tests.

Our technological equipment includes :

A 360-slice CT scanner
Two 3T MRIs
One 1.5T MRI
High-end ultrasound scanners

Examinations are carried out for:

  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Cardiac stress MRI;
  • Magnetic resonance cardiac angiography (MRA);
  • Vascular MRA;
  • Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA);
  • 4-D functional cardiac CT;
  • Structural cardiac CT;
  • CTA, including thoracic, abdominal and extremities;
  • Coronary and valvular calcium score;
  • CT scans for the study of coronary artery disease;
  • Transcranial Doppler ultrasound with contrast medium for the study of PFO;
  • Arterial and venous Colour Doppler Ultrasound of the upper and lower limbs and abdominal vessels.
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Research and scientific activity

  • New sequences using cardiovascular MR;
  • Development of advanced post-processing techniques for CardioCT and Cardio and Neuro MRI imaging;
  • Screening with low-dose CT on the general population;
  • Research projects are underway in collaboration with the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, with the University of Pisa, with the Scuola Superiore IMT di Lucca, with IFC – CNR Pisa.


The Neuroradiology section consists of 4 neuroradiologists with expertise in the subspecialty of paediatric neuroradiology, head and neck imaging, spine imaging, emergency imaging, functional imaging. 

Functional MRI, diffusion and perfusion MRI, and MR spectroscopy are incorporated into standard clinical practice.

Cardio and Neuro MRI and CT examinations are performed under sedation in paediatric and adult patients.




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