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Healthcare organisations are very complex and articulated systems that must always guarantee high standards of quality and safety of care, even in the presence of sophisticated and constantly evolving care models.
Achieving and maintaining these standards depends, first and foremost, on the skills and performance of the individual health workers, their ability to work as a team, putting the patient at the centre, but the safety, quality and appropriateness of care are also the responsibility of the corporate organisation, which uses certain tools to monitor the processes carried out within it.

The combination of these tools makes up what is known as clinical governance (GC), i.e. the strategy by which healthcare organisations take responsibility for the quality of services and their continuous improvement, stimulating the creation of an environment conducive to professional excellence.
At the Monasterio Foundation, corporate governance has long used a multidimensional system of indicators (GC system) to monitor the quality of care provided. This is also thanks to the significant level of IT that allows for constant monitoring of process and outcome indicators, and to the synergy with other company functions, such as – for example – the S.I.T.R.A. (Servizio Infermieristico Tecnico Riabilitativo Aziendale – Company Technical Rehabilitation Nursing Service), through which monitoring, control and prevention of care-related infections has been carried out for some time
The close collaboration between professional figures and the streamlined and shared methods of process control make it possible to ensure that healthcare is carried out safely, with quality and appropriateness, with the aim of continuous improvement.

Major milestones.

With the development of the IT network inside the hospital facility and the availability of Real Time Data, the Foundation aims to improve the standard of care and the patient experience, through the creation of a system that provides information derived from the GC indicators in real time, thus helping the planning of the service provided, the decision-making process and the monitoring of the appropriateness and quality of care.

By presenting this information in real time, in an understandable and visually stimulating way, that is, more “user friendly”, it will be possible for professionals and Company Management to stay up to date with clinical pathways to increase the efficiency and quality of care.
A further objective will be, in collaboration with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, the inclusion in the dashboard of the so-called human indicators (such as PROMS and PREMS) and the actual value of the care provided.

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