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Medical-Surgical Congenital Adult and Paediatric Cardiac Pathology Unit


The Unit manages and coordinates the hospitalisation and clinical course of patients with congenital heart disease, from infants to adult heart patients, including the cardiac surgery process.

The patient is monitored throughout all pre- and post-procedural phases, including the transition from intensive care to the discharge process.

Skill, experience, humanity and care are the attributes that characterise our medical, nursing and social health staff.

The Unit arranges excellent care paths for patients with congenital heart disease of all ages. Dedicated spaces and pathways for:

1) pregnant women whose unborn child is suffering from heart disease;

2) neonates, infants and children with congenital heart disease;

3) adult cardiac disorders, including pregnancies with heart disease in the pre- and postpartum period.

The Operating Unit also coordinates and promotes research and innovation activities in the field of paediatric echocardiography, such as the creation of 3D printed or virtual models, essential for the diagnosis and surgical simulation of complex congenital heart diseases.

Major milestones.

The Unit has been organising a protected discharge service for years. Once discharged, patients are monitored in special clinics and interact with nursing and medical staff for urgent problems and for the compilation of particular therapeutic regimens.
A DH service for chronic patient management is active, with the aim of optimising treatments while minimising the number of days in hospital.

Useful numbers

0585 483617
0585 483658
Unified Booking Centre (CUP)   
0585 483576
Public Relations Office (URP)   
0585 483662

Anecdotes and case studies

Paediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery were established in Massa in 1972 and moved to the G. Pasquinucci Hospital in 1990, laying the foundations for the major institution of paediatric and adult cardiology that it currently represents in Italy.


The paediatric hospital consists of cozy and well-equipped rooms and spaces even for long periods.
Dedicated pathways and separate spaces exist for adults and for pregnant women with congenital heart disease. A large games room and a school with accredited teachers are available for children. The Unit pays particular attention to ethnic and religious minorities, with the presence of interpreters and specific pathways. Psychological support is also always available. Lastly, the Unit has been active for years in humanitarian missions in Third World countries.
It is equipped with state-of-the-art tools. Medical records have been managed in computerised form for years. Interactive monitoring systems, even at a distance, are also being tested.
The echocardiography laboratory is always equipped with up-to-date techniques: 3D, strain imaging, vortex imaging, virtual 3D models.

Research and scientific activity

The Unit annually publishes articles in the most prestigious international journals with a high impact factor, also collaborating with prestigious North American and European institutes.




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