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Paediatric and neonatal cardiovascular unit


The Unit provides care in the delivery room for newborns (with congenital heart disease or born to a mother with heart disease) of any weight and gestational age (even extremely low), born at a birth point integrated within the ATNO (the Toscana Nord Ovest Local Health Authority) at the Ospedale del Cuore in Massa.

It also provides Neonatal Intensive Care services for the same children and for infants with cardiovascular disease admitted from other Tuscan hospitals after birth. For infants who do not require intensive care, care is provided on a rooming-in basis.

The Unit is Advanced Level 2 Neonatology (NICU Centre) in the network of neonatal intensive and sub-intensive care units of the Tuscany Region.

A special feature is the possibility of care for the newborn child immediately integrated with the other professions (cardiologist, heart surgeon, anaesthetist) so that immediately after birth a global take-over is possible in order to provide even complex therapies (surgical, interventional and intensive care) in a very short time.

Major milestones.

The Unit has been organising a protected discharge service for years. Patients are followed up once discharged in specific outpatient clinics and interact with the nursing and medical staff for urgent problems and for the compilation of special treatment schedules.
A DH service is in place for the management of chronic patients with the aim of optimising treatment while minimising hospital stays.

UOC Pediatria e neonatologia ad indirizzo cardiovascolare

Useful numbers

0585 483617
0585 483658
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Research and scientific activity

Certification for the UNICEF BFHI Child Friendly Hospital pathway is currently underway, but early mother-child contact and rooming-in of even preterm infants with heart disease is already being favoured with effective promotion of breastfeeding.




Anecdotes and case studies


In the NICU, in collaboration with the Anaesthesiology Unit and thanks to a highly specialised team of nurses, babies are provided with advanced care and monitoring according to their needs (from non-invasive ventilation to ECMO).

In the Inpatient ward, in collaboration with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, thanks to an advanced monitoring system and a good nurse-patient relationship, infants and children are cared for, even those with complex diseases.

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