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SITRA – Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service


SITRA (Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service) contributes to the pursuit of the hospital’s mission by ensuring the quality, effectiveness and technical and operational efficiency of the healthcare activities provided by the Monasterio Foundation.

The Facility is configured as a fully integrated service with all the Clinical Units, with which it contributes to the pursuit of its objectives, ensuring quality, safe care.


The team consists of nurses, technicians, rehabilitation staff and social health workers.

The governance of SITRA is divided between the two sites of Pisa and Massa, and is guaranteed by the facility management and departmental coordinators. In particular, it is responsible for ensuring the needs for nursing and technical resources are met, designing and developing innovative care organisation models, which are consistent with the hospital organisation. Monasterio’s strength lies in the enhancement of the skills of its professionals, which is also guaranteed by a continuous and constant assessment of training needs, with the definition of training plans targeted at individual professionals.

Major milestones.

SITRA has developed, together with other professionals, in-hospital monitoring, related to infection surveillance, planning a structured pathway for studies of incidence on surgical site infections.

It collaborates in the compilation of database relating to the control of patient safety practices in the Tuscan Region and six-monthly analysis for the achievement of objectives.
It is involved in the monitoring of external services: cleaning, catering and wardrobe.
It allows for scientific developments and fuels interest in research, review, and analysis on nursing and technical care.

It ensures the pharmacovigilance process is carried out in an integrated manner with the hospital pharmacy.


Useful numbers

0585 483617
0585 483658
Unified Booking Centre (CUP)   
0585 483576
Public Relations Office (URP)   
0585 483662

Research and scientific activity

SITRA actively participates in Scientific Societies to ensure constant updating with the publication of abstracts and posters, working in collaboration with Italian research centres.




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