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Volunteering and third sector

Volunteer associations and the third sector represent a fundamental resource for the daily lives of doctors, operators and above all patients treated at the Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio.

Welcoming hospitalised patients and their families, especially children, support for daily activities, contributions for scientific research and training of medical staff. If you are a volunteer association, these are the three areas of intervention for which you can:

  • make a contribution;
  • propose partnerships for projects or offer your own;
  • sign a memorandum of understanding with the Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio.


Un cuore, un mondo

The Association “Un cuore, un mondo” was established in 1993 by parents of children with heart disease to combat congenital heart disease.

Fondazione Rosa pristina

Philanthropic organisation, which pursues social, humanitarian and research purposes, operating in particular in the fields of care, health and education.

Cittadinanza attiva

A civic body, formed by active citizens committed to the protection and promotion of people’s rights, without any discrimination.

AICCA Toscana

Italian Association of Adult Congenital Heart Diseases.

I Magicolieri Onlus

A group of professionals (psychologists, entertainers, ward clowns) who use play in social-health facilities.

ConAlbe Onlus

Non-profit association founded with the intention of raising public awareness of cardiovascular diseases and promoting prevention activities.


Italian Association Hereditary Dyslipidaemias

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The effectiveness of what we do is attested every day by
our patients and the people who work with us. The data, however, also help to tell the story of our work.  They bear witness to a way of conducting Research and Care that makes the Monasterio Foundation an Italian benchmark of excellence



2019: second italian centre

source AGENAS

Recurrence rate


2019: against a national average of 10,98%

source Laboratorio MeS for Regione Toscana

Complexity index of case studies


2019: against a national average of 6,4

source Pro-safe “Istituto M.Negri” per Gruppo Italiano Valutazione Interventi Terapia Intensiva

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