UOC Infotel

UOC Infotel


Head: Stefano Dalmiani

FTGM CIO, Head of ICT Sector, has been working for more than 20 years in the field of translational research on electronic Health systems for the management and processing of clinical and diagnostic data, and in development of interoperability standards between eHealth systems.
Responsible and coordinator for many assigned grants, at regional, national and EU level, for ICT-based projects, focused on innovative healthcare process modelling and clinical/epidemiological data processing.
Former member of HL7 Italy direction board, former chair of HL7 V3 WG, former chair of HL7 OID Italian Registry, member of ProREC Italy board, member of HIMSS, Member of RDA, he is author of over 80 international, national publications and books on eHealth systems and electronic medical records.


Progetti significativi svolti in passato in ambito eHealth

  • EU H2020 Hermeneut
  • POR-FESR “RACE” Research Project, founded by POR-FESR Tuscany Region
  • “CardioMIS” research project
  • “Imago” research project
  • POR-FESR “RIS” research project
  • EU AAL “Health@Home” research project
  • “Health Collaborative Network” research project, Italian Economic Development Ministry



  • Member of “Italian Technological Platform for wellbeing and health quality”
  • HIMSS member 
  • IHE Italy member
  • HL7 Member
  • RDA Member



Registri clinici

  • RTMR
  • RTDC
  • Dravet
  • Fallot
  • Celiachia