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BioCardioLab was established in 2008 as a sub Unit of the Adult Cardiology Division of the G. Monasterio Foundation. In 2015 the BioCardioLab was officially included in the Bioengineering Division of the G. Monasterio Foundation as an interdipartimental research laboratory.
BioCardioLab works in synergy with adults and pediatric clinical units with the specific aim to translate patient-specific modelling towards clinical benefits.


The mission of the BioCardioLab is to introduce numerical simulation, new image-based methods and physical models in clinical setting to support training and planning of surgical interventions. The new image-based procedure include intra-operative image fusion technique and web-base virtual and augmented reality tools.


Our approach is carried out across the 3R statement performing:

  • in-vivo;
  • in-silico;
  • ex-vivo.

We integrate:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics;
  • Finite Element Analysis;
  • Advanced Image Processing Analysis;
  • Experimental Tests;
  • Mathematical Modelling;
  • Virtual Reality;
  • 3D Printing.


    Lab Tour & Lab facilities

    BioCardioLab shares hardware and software facilities with Bioimaging of Pisa


    The BCL is equipped with facilities specifically devoted to advanced image processing and numerical simulations:

    • Six dedicated workstations are available for simulations, pre- and post-processing (i7 Intel processor, 16GB RAM each)
    • Two dedicated workstations are available for simulations, pre- and post-processing (Xeon dual core 2.5 GHz Intel processor, 64GB RAM each)
    • Two high performance computing Dell Precision dedicated for numerical simulations with a total of 88 cores and 608 GB RAM


    • Ansys mechanical
    • Ansys Fluent
    • RBF-morph
    • ANSA
    • RETOMO
    • Solidworks
    • Abaqus
    • Osirix
    • LabView
    • Matlab
    • SimVascular
    • Crimson
    • Python
    • 3D slicer
    • VMTK
    • VMTKlab
    • Segment
    • Horos

    Imaging Scanner

    • IVUS Boston Scientific

    Testing Machines

    • Biaxial testing machine
    • Uniaxial testing (tension/compression)
    • Ultrasound system
    • Mock Loop for cardiovascular systems
    • Pulse duplicator for the simulation of coronary flow
    • 4 peristaltic pumps
    • 2 centrifugal pumps

    3D Printers

    • 3D printer Form 2 FormLabs
    • 3D printer A4v4 3ntr
    • 3D printer Lisa Pro Sinterit


    Data Acquisition systems

    • cRIO-9047 National Instruments
    • cDAQ-9132 National Instruments
    • Oscilloscope IDS-2102E Iso-Tech
    • High speed M4i.4410-x8 PCIe acquisition board Spectrum
    • camera 1
    • camera 2
    • camera 3

    Coagulation systems

    • Laboratory water-bath
    • Global Thrombosis Test (GTT)
    • Chandler loop


    • Chemical hoods
    • Laboratory centrifuge
    • Trinocular Biological Microscope – ZEISS Primo Star
    • Rotablator system – Boston Scientific




    Prof. Luigi Landini
    Simona Celi
    Vincenzo Positano

    Post-doc Researchers

    Emanuele Vignali
    Marco Fanni
    Katia Capellini
    Emanuele Gasparotti

    PhD Students

    3rd year – Maria Nicole Antonuccio
    3rd year – Francesco Bardi
    3rd year – Martino Scarpolini
    2nd year – Simone Garzia
    1st year – Marilena Mazzolli
    1st year – Francesca Dell’Agnello

    Past PhD Students

    Francesco Di Bartolo

    Past MSc Students

    Domenico Pizzuto
    Simone Garzia
    Sergio Longo
    Elisabetta Stretti – POLIMI
    Maria Francesca Zaccone – POLIMI
    Aurelia Lamia
    Claudia Angeletti
    Sandra Perondi
    Elisa Benelli – UNIPR
    Andrea Baldini
    Enrico Vignali
    Roberta Tralongo
    Niccolò Mori
    Valeria Grasso
    Marianna d’Amico
    Davide Giannetti
    Maria Nicole Antonuccio
    Federica Poli
    Ilaria Ricci
    Bernardo Alunno Rossetti
    Leonardo Geronzi
    Giulia Barondi
    Dario Sabatino
    Mario di Leonardo
    Zaira Manigrasso
    Alice Covelli
    Michele Corti




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